In the beginning, Riverside Country Club was known as Club Radar, and was located at 510 South Springville Road. The Club in the early years was a social organization featuring excellent food and beverage service with pleasant surroundings. The Club Radar dates back to 1945.

In 1955, charter members of Club Radar, voted to pursue expansion of current facilities or relocation of the Club to a site where a golf course could be built. Committees were formed, plans were made, and after a lengthy search the current property was acquired for an average cost of $900.00 per acre.

William F. Bell, golf course architect, was enlisted by the Club to design the golf course. William Bell had designed several golf courses around the west.

At the Annual meeting in 1959, the name Riverside Country Club, was officially adopted and in 1960, Riverside Country Club was an official entity with 34 Equity Members and 16 Social Members. The Grand opening of the Clubhouse was May 11, 1960 and the swimming pool opened on July 15th of that same year.

In 1962, the long anticipated golf course had grown in sufficiently and was ready to open. June of 1962 started a great tradition in Utah, golf as play began at Riverside Country Club.

Many changes have come and gone in the last 50+ years as Riverside Country Club has maintained its position as a mainstay in Provo, Utah County and our state.  With our most recent complete re-build of our clubhouse, pro shop and swimming pool complex we believe Riverside Country Club holds a place among only a handful of premier clubs, golf courses and reception facilities statewide (maybe in the west)! 

To those pioneering men and women of the 1950’s, and again in the 2000’s, who paved the way to providing this amazing club and its facilities, we say thank you!!!